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Heavendropt has launched a collection of face coverings in the first foray into mask fashion.

Mask is in Accordance with Medical Recommendations and is not intended to be used in place of proper Medical grade Personal Protective Equipment.

This is a 5”x 9” four-layered fabric face mask that covers from your nose to under your chin and covers on both sides of the face.

This mask does not have a inserted wire nose piece.

These washable face masks are great for dust, pollen, physical face cover/barrier.

The material is 300+ thread count 100% cotton.

The cord is made from used military parachutes and extends 16 inches from the mask.

Machine or hand washable cold, tumble dry on a low setting. Wash between each use.

It is highly recommended to wash directly out of the package.

The use of an inserted filter is optional and recommended.

A fabric mask is not a replacement for an N95 mask, but the CDC does recognize that a fabric mask protects from larger particles from a cough or a sneeze.

All of our products are handmade by people with disabilities out of used military parachutes.

BULK Options Available call Robby Groover @ 727-240-5358 or Email Robby.Groover@EvergreenLS.org for pricing options 

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