All our products are handmade by the wonderful people served by Evergreen Life Services, our nations brave Veterans, and partnering organizations who serve those in need. Our products are made in the US out of recycled  Military Parachutes. Our products are organic  and Vegan  friendly. 


How Was Heavendropt Started?

HEAVENDROPt was conceived during a visit to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Evergreen CEO, Sue Buchholtz was invited to the base by John Stross, founder of Remember Honor Support, a nonprofit that supports veterans.

During the visit to MacDill AFB, Sue was shown the careful examination of used parachutes prior to them being cleared for use by the military for additional jumps. Sue saw the potential to develop products from the parachutes that could not be used again. Sue’s vision was to develop a social enterprise that included employing people with disabilities, giving back to veteran organizations and recycling. This started the development of a business plan and process to make this vision a reality.

Is Heavendropt a Non Profit?

HEAVENDROPt is a part of Evergreen Life Services and is a 501c3 nonprofit.  Funds are used to pay competitive wages to people with disabilities who make our products.  Our goal is to supply meaningful work to all.  Of course, all product raw materials must be purchased continually to keep everyone working. 

Where Does Heavendropt Make it's Products?

American Flag USA United States

Currently products are made in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida. Products are made at either our parent organization, Evergreen Life Service’s facilities, or at our non-profit partner facilities. We are also exploring contracts with various nonprofits employing people with disabilities in Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky.  As we sell more products we are able to employ more workers with disabilities.

How Does Heavendropt Get Used Parachutes?

In 2018 we became a 3rd party Recycling facility exclusively for military parachutes. We currently house in our Largo, FL warehouse over 70,000 pounds of used military parachutes from WWII to Korea, Vietnam, and current ones used actively by our service men and women.

We are required to destruct all of the parachute cords on the parachutes so that the parachutes cannot be used any longer because of the liability. Once we have someone prepare the parachutes according to military regulations. We process all the chutes and make kits depending on the product needs and send the kits to our Evergreen Divisions.

It is our belief that our product doesn’t just encompass the material, but it helps tell the story of that parachute; This story represents the person who used the parachute in Combat and training operations all over the world, to the person with disabilities that puts their heart and soul into making each individual product one of a kind.


Robby Groover

National Director of Sales & Innovation



2101 Starkey Road, Unit Q-South

Largo, Florida 33771


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