Lightweight Parachute Hammock



Made from 100% nylon with triple stitching, these double parachute nylon hammocks are a hiker's dream. Lightweight, quick-drying, and portable so that you can easily carry the hammock

The HEAVENDROPt Lightweight Military Parachute Hammock is formed entirely out of authentic military parachutes employed by our US Servicemen and women. we take the parachutes and make unique products out of them. Our products are all handmade within the USA by people with disabilities and Veterans with disabilities. Our Parachute Hammocks are extremely lightweight and versatile used for outdoor sports, hiking, camping, beach days, backyard adventures, or anywhere your love for adventure takes you. We guarantee our products will stand strong against the forces you're taking on. If there's ever a tear or break send it back and that we will fix or replace it for free of charge (you pay shipping and handling). We love what we do and that we love supporting those that have served our country during a time of conflict. We many thanks for your support and hope you'll share in our mission.

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Type: Hammocks


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