Parachute Strap Keychain w/ HK Clip



Our Parachute Strap Keychain is a great gift for anyone looking for a dependable and sturdy keychain! Each contains a piece of American history and comes with an enclosed card detailing the story of HEAVENDROPt.

The Parachute Strap Keychain is made in the USA of re-purposed US military parachute material. The US military parachute material is purchased from the government once the parachutes are inspected and deemed no longer safe to fly by the military. Once the parachute material is decommissioned, we are able to have workers separate the parts and then hand sew the parachute drawstring purses. Each handmade piece supports our mission to provide meaningful jobs to people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and veterans with disabilities.

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Type: Key Chains


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