Drawstring Trail Bag (T-10 Personal Chute)



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This Drawstring Trail Bag is formed out of the T-10 Personal Parachute employed by Airborne forces. These bags are extremely lightweight and versatile. They can be used for outdoor sports, camping, hiking, at the beach, or whatever you get yourself into. The T-10 Personal Chute Drawstring Trail Bag is 16" tall X 14" wide. It weighs 4 ounces, making it an excellent lightweight bag you can fold up when not in use and pull out for any occasion.

Our HEAVENDROPt Drawstring Trail Bags are handmade in the USA by veterans and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities from used military parachutes. All products help provide competitive wages for people with disabilities and veterans with disabilities we serve. 

Colors may vary.

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